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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Janis Kenyon

Date:    Tue, 2 May 2000 18:42:45 -0300
From:    Janis Kenyon
Subject: SA: Where to stay in Buenos Aires

When you know your exact dates of travel, write about lodging.  Be prepared
to send a deposit to hold your reservation.  Include arrival/departure
dates, number of people (i.e., two single women or married couple, etc.).

Casa Tango -- rooms for rent in Nora Tortella's house; shared bathroom
Independencia 2277  2nd floor (near Pichincha)  Single $150/week;
Double $200/week.  Nora speaks English, French and Spanish. and  see

Gerard's House -- rooms to rent
Treinta y tres Orientales 249 (between Belgrano & Quito) in Caballito   Single $150/week; double (only 3) $250/week

Lidia Ferrari
Apartments and guest houses--see

Apartment in Palermo - Nora Menajovsky (English/Spanish)

Caseron de Almagro--rooms for rent in large apartment --minimum two weeks
stay. -- Lila  (English and Spanish)

Studio apartment at Corrientes 1500 and Parana; and
two bedroom apartment on Armenia & Santa Fe in Palermo  Ceferina Orzuza Greiner (English/Spanish)

One bedroom apartment for rent

Room in Apartment of Nestor Rey and Patricia Garcia
Corrientes 4924  11 "42"

Apartment of Cynthia Viel
Located in Palermo Viejo near Av. Cordoba y Scalabrini Ortiz

2 BR/2BA apartment of Pryor Dodge "La Cupula"
Avenida de Mayo 1410  6  "58"

Apartment of Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco
Estados Unidos 1756  1 "14"  (near Entre Rios)

Rooms in pension at Pueyrredon and Peron

San Telmo Guest House

Apartment for tango dancers
Julio or Laura - English and Italian spoken

Room in apartment
German and French spoken

Apartment of Jorge Luis Gonzalez (in California)
Brasil 3202

Room in apartment of Sra. Zenka (Pablo Veron's mother)
Sanchez de Bustamante 233  5 "A"
54-11 4864-7033

Room in apartment of Victoria Arejelo
Matheu 143  P.B. 6
54-11 4951-0828
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